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We design for clarity, usability, industry relevance and accessible UX. And we provide on-going site management including updates and changes. Our services include IPO, Regulation A+ and 506(c) sites with development expertise in E-commerce, Social Media Marketing (SMM), eNews, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hosted behind state-of-the-art technology on secure, robust servers, advanced connectivity utilizes high bandwidth networks to diverse multiple backbone providers.


Interactive, E-Commerce & Social Media Solutions
  • YayYo
    RideShare Firm
  • EcoPlan International
    Technical Analysis
  • RideShare Rental
    Car Rentals
  • Integrated Medicine
    Health Care
  • USA-Cuba Tours
    Travel Tour Booking
  • Today's NewsPaper
    Media & News
  • City of Victor
  • Knowledge Leaders Capital
    Financial Products
  • Toker Poker
    E-commerce Shop
  • Gayle Berry Corp.
    Lobbying Advocate
  • Taos Yoga Therapy
    Therapeutic Yoga
  • Rags & Gents
    E-Commerce Shop
  • Ergo-Link
    E-Commerce Shop
  • Solitario Zinc Corp.
    Mining & Royalties
  • In House Modern
    Art & Design
  • Amalia Hops
    E-commerce Shop

Strategic Development Overview

IPO Regulation A+ and 506(c), E-commerce, Microsites, eNews, Content Management Systems (CMS), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can vary from one week to six months for their design and development, dependent upon the depth of content and complexity of programming.

The first step in implementing successful interactive media is a strategic meeting to discuss intent (audience); ease of use; organization; content (text, graphics and photography); back-end application needs (.NET, ASP, PHP, Java, Flash, Perl, CGI, mySQL, XHTML, XML, CMS); near future capabilities and hosting with updates. Specific milestones must be scheduled including URL management; site skeleton; navigation; design look and style; hyperlinks; photography; graphics; programming (level of interactivity, data-base functionality, cash-register usage, content management, searchability, analytics, etc.) and ongoing maintenance.

For website develoment projects, Pite Creative will produce a comprehensive website skeleton indicating all drill-down levels, hyperlinks and navigation. This will be accompanied by concepts of the design look and feel for the home page, navigation and a single sub-page, based upon the company’s branding, the intended audience and the company’s vision for its website.

Programming of the site content including text, photography and graphics will then be integrated and developed into a secure staging area website for review, revisions and final approval to launch. Search engine marketing (SEM) to improve its search engine positioning will be implemented and may include organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) or an integration of SEO and PPC and others. Ongoing hosting that includes maintenance and updates will be available as needed, including stats and analytics.

We’re  often asked about SEO and specifically how to improve a client’s search ranking. The following videos by Kori Ashton, our colleague at WebTegrity, explain the process succinctly (visit Kori’s online SEO course here):