Whether a one-off project or a company-wide rebranding, we produce integrated collateral materials including conference booth displays; corporate branding; PowerPoint decks; identity development; logos & letterhead; brochures; direct mail; books and advertising.

Collateral & Branding

Integrated Graphic Design
  • Newmont Mining
    CC&V Gold Brochure
  • Lichter Photography
    Sturgis Post Card Books
  • STEM School & Academy
    Branding - Powerpoint
  • Children's Hospital
    Surgery Brochure
  • IRI Consulting
    Corporate Brochure
  • Ravens Rock & EIP
    Branding - Identity
  • TriStar Gold
    Branding - Booth Graphics
  • Strategic Execution Group
    Branding - Brochure
  • Terralux
    Branding - Advertising
  • Coleman Beef
    Package Design
  • E-470 Tollway
    Corporate Brochure
  • JS Realty & Ventana
    Branding - Identity

strategic development overview

Pite Creative has produced many stand-alone products and an initial stategic meeting can often save time and money. For example, by producing conference booth graphics simultaneously to an integrated PowerPoint presentation, coherent work flow will streamline production. Similarly, producing a company’s logo for online usability without consideration of identity – letterhead and business card development – can save redevelopment down the road.

Regardless of the product – be it stand-alone or integrated – an indepth discussion is the first step. This would include a review of all existing company materials; the intended audience; examples of peer group materials; the timeline for production and end-use requirements.